Find out about your first visit

Not sure what happens during an initial consultation? Follow the link above for a full walk through, including what scans we take and how we approach your treatment.

Suffering from back pain?

Back and neck pain are some of main reasons that people come to see us. Don't continue to ignore the discomfort, make an appointment and get back to optimum health.

Care for the whole family

At the Chiropractic Wellness Centre we provide care for all, from babies to pensioners. If one of your family is in pain or discomfort why not bring them to see us?

Watch Our Practice Video

Migraine Awareness Week – Chiropractic Alternative

Migraine Awareness  Week  -  Chiropractic Alternative Migraine is not just a headache,…
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Open Heart Chiropractic – Charity

Chiropractic Charity Would you like your Chiropractic Care paid for?…
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Chiropractic – A Video

Please watch Andy's latest video called Chiropractic - A Video:…
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Bike Week

National Bike Week  - Pedal your way to better health To…
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