At the Chiropractic Wellness Centre we are experts in injuries and acute pains caused by accidents. We will assess the injury and give you the best advice on getting well again. If your injury requires referral, we can recommend the best course of action to take. If the symptoms or pain are slow to heal then chiropractic care can aid the body’s ability to self heal by restoring optimal function to the affected area. Relieving discomfort and preventing the debilitative physical and mental long term symptoms of injuries.

Car Accidents

Sometimes even small and low speed car accidents can cause severe neck and back injuries, with symptoms that can be difficult to live with. By identifying the specific tissues and joints which have been damaged the team can begin to gently promote the healing of those areas through manipulations and adjustments.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls whether large or small can have a serious affect on your health and wellbeing. Even if you feel fine and jump straight back to your feet, there may be underlying damage which if left untreated can have repercussions for the way your body functions.

Sport Injuries

Injuries of this kind are not always caused by a specific event or accident. Sometimes an underlying misalignment in the body has created an area of weakness which is prone to injury. If you feel that your performance is being hampered by injury then scroll down to find out more.

Work Injuries

Work injuries cover a wide range of symptoms and causes; whether it is acute or long term pain we can relieve the discomfort and help get your health and overall wellbeing back to normal. Meaning you can work without distraction again.

Please click on the specific areas below to find out more information on how we can aid your recovery.

Back Pain  +



There are numerous reasons for people to experience a form of back pain during their life. Repetitive daily activities, such as bending to tie your shoe lace can put a strain on your back, or it could be due to the way you sit or stand. Often it is linked to one event, caused by lifting or carrying heavy objects incorrectly is a classic example.


Every individual is unique and as a result back pain can be felt in many different forms. You may experience reduced mobility, headaches or knots at the base of your neck. Other common symptoms include pins and needles, numbness, muscle spasms and dull aches in your back.


Chiropractic treatment is not a painkiller. We aim to find the cause of the problem and restore optimal function to the whole body as well as the specific site of the pain. One of our experienced chiropractic team will perform a full examination and ask you questions about your medical history, lifestyle and posture in order to identify the primary cause of your back pain, often this is multifaceted with several contributing reasons. If required we will scan and x-ray your back before offering a diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis and treatment plan have been discussed in full and you are happy to receive treatment one of our chiropractors will carry out a series of gentle and specific manipulations to correct imbalances, relieve pain and increase mobility.

Neck Pain +



Your neck supports your head, allows head rotation and permits the free flow of nerve impulses to the whole body: it is also the most venerable part of your spine. Among many things, long periods of time in the same position whilst on the phone or watching TV are common causes of neck pain. If the activity is discontinued the pain will often subside on it’s own. However, when it persists this can indicate that there is an underlying problem.


Stiffness, pain in the muscles at the base of your neck or a tight knot can all be ways which neck pain can be felt by individuals. Associated symptoms such as headaches, a “locked” neck or even pain and weakness in your arms can occur.


Chiropractic adjustments can be effective if your neck pain is a result of abnormal positioning or motion of the bones in the neck. After a full examination and assessment and the agreement of a treatment plan one of our registered chiropractors will perform gentle and specific manipulations to increase mobility, relieve pain and correct imbalances.

Headaches and Migraines +


There are a range of reasons which can lead to headaches or in more severe cases migraines. Typically they can be linked with chemical toxins, nutritional deficiencies or physical trauma. Emotional stress can lead to tension in the muscles of the neck, back and shoulders which is another common cause of headaches or migraines.


As with all pain, it is often different for every individual and the expression of pain varies dramatically. It can range from a dull ache around the front, top and sides of the head, to the severe throbbing pain associated with migraines. Associated symptoms of severe cases can be nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light.


If the bones in the neck are not supporting the head correctly it can lead to headaches. The blood supply to your head, nerves and muscles can all be affected by imbalances in your neck. Our chiropractors will conduct a full examination and assessment before advising on the best possible course of action to release the tension in the neck and skull.

Hips, Knees and Ankles +

These areas of the body are all closely linked, and a common site of pain and discomfort as a result of wear and tear or injury. For example, recurring pain in the knee might actually be caused by an underlying misalignment in the hip. This is known as “referred pain” and is possible when dealing with these joints.


Life leads to unavoidable wear on our joints and slowly they will begin to degenerate. Thinning of the cartilage in the joint causes them to become stiff, leading to nerve irritation and inflammation. Overuse of the joints due to sport or lifestyle can increase the level of degeneration, similarly an acute injury can lead to damage.


If you experience swelling, tingling or numbness of the joint or joints it is important that you consult a professional so that an accurate diagnosis of the problem can be made. Hip knee and ankle pain can be extremely uncomfortable and if severe you may not be able to walk or run without experiencing pain or irritation.


Unfortunately we cannot reverse the degeneration of your joints which occurs naturally over time. However, Chiropractic treatment can help to ensure that your muscles and joints are working together effectively, which reduces nerve irritation and can combat pain. Restoration of normal function will take the pressure of those damaged structures. Will we fully assess your problem and then advise you on the most appropriate treatment to get your body back to optimal function. This can involve gentle and specific manipulations of the joints and associated areas to help reduce pain and inflammation.