At the Chiropractic Wellness Centre we are experts in injuries and acute pains caused by accidents. We will assess the injury and give you the best advice on getting well again. If your injury requires referral, we can recommend the best course of action to take. If the symptoms or pain are slow to heal then chiropractic care can aid the body’s ability to self heal by restoring optimal function to the affected area. Relieving discomfort and preventing the debilitative physical and mental long term symptoms of injuries.

Car Accidents

Sometimes even small and low speed car accidents can cause severe neck and back injuries, with symptoms that can be difficult to live with. By identifying the specific tissues and joints which have been damaged the team can begin to gently promote the healing of those areas through manipulations and adjustments.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls whether large or small can have a serious affect on your health and wellbeing. Even if you feel fine and jump straight back to your feet, there may be underlying damage which if left untreated can have repercussions for the way your body functions.

Sport Injuries

Injuries of this kind are not always caused by a specific event or accident. Sometimes an underlying misalignment in the body has created an area of weakness which is prone to injury. If you feel that your performance is being hampered by injury then scroll down to find out more.

Work Injuries

Work injuries cover a wide range of symptoms and causes; whether it is acute or long term pain we can relieve the discomfort and help get your health and overall wellbeing back to normal. Meaning you can work without distraction again.

Please click on the specific areas below to find out more information on how we can aid your recovery.

Neck Injuries  +


Impact of any magnitude or a blow to the head has the potential to cause severe pain and discomfort to the neck and back. These injuries are common in car accidents, contact sports and can occur during a fall. If the head is thrown violently forwards, backwards or sideways the tendons and ligaments of the neck can be damaged. In some cases the vertebrae in the neck can become misaligned; the body responds by “splinting” the joint through tightening the neck muscles in an effort to prevent further injury.


Pain and stiffness in the neck are the most common symptoms. A headache at the base of the skull is also common. In addition some people suffer from related symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, difficulty swallowing or even blurred vision.


Chiropractic can be an effective source of relief not only from the symptoms of neck pain, but also working to resolve the cause of the discomfort. One of our experienced chiropractors will assess the pain and conduct a full examination taking into account the range of movement you are capable of. After the diagnosis and discussion of the treatment plan they will carry out gentle cervical adjustments to help you return to a normal range of movement and functional nerve flow.

Slips, Trips and Falls +

It is all too easy to dismiss a fall or bump and try to forget about it, especially if it was only minor. However, even small slips, trips and falls can have a serious impact on your health and wellbeing.


This type of accident can arise from any number of situations, uneven pavements, unseen steps, wet floors or even your own two feet!


The impact that the body sustains during a fall can damage muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. The spine or pelvis can become misaligned, which leads to irritation of the nerves and interrupts the flow of information from the central nervous system out to all of the areas of the body. This can lead to ongoing/chronic pain and the body will not function to the best of its ability.


After a full examination and diagnosis and treatment discussion our experienced chiropractors will carry out gentle adjustments on the problem area. Realigning your spine will help return the central nervous system to normal function, this promotes the body’s ability to self heal. Chiropractic treatment is not just limited to the spine and specific manipulations of problem areas will aid your recovery and get you back on your feet.

Sports Injuries +


Regardless of ability you are always prone to injury of some kind when taking part in sport. If your body is put under the same stresses repeatedly it can lead to a loss of mobility in your joints and spine. This in turn can interfere with the healthy function of your muscles and nerves. More often that not sportspeople ignore the pain and persist with training and performing. Without seeking treatment, this approach can lead to chronic injury at a later date.


Restricted movement, swelling, severe pain and discomfort are some of the most common symptoms of sports injuries.


At the Chiropractic Wellness Centre we will do everything we can to get you back to full fitness. During your examinations we will discuss your sporting life, posture, lifestyle and medical history, to find the cause of your injury or discomfort rather than merely treating the symptoms of the injury.

After a treatment plan has been agreed we will begin to carry out gentle, specific adjustments to mobilise stiff joints and relieve spinal nerve irritation. Your treatment will be complemented by a rehabilitation plan to improve the strength and flexibility of the injured area, helping to avoid a reoccurrence in the future.

Work Injuries +

If any injury or illness occurs due to factors relating to your profession then it is considered a workplace injury. These can affect people working in any industry and range from acute one off accidents to recurring problems/repetitive strain.


Increased stress, a sense of powerlessness and frustration in the workplace can manifest themselves as health problems immediately or at a later date. Postural problems are all too common and often caused by long days sat looking at a screen. Incorrect lifting techniques and performing monotonous tasks on a regular basis are some of the most common causes of workplace injuries.


Obviously the symptoms for work related injuries are wide ranging and profession related. Pain, tenderness, stiffness, tingling, numbness and cramping in you muscles and joints can be a sign of persistent injuries. More common and general symptoms such as headaches, back pain and neck pain can also be caused by factors at work.


Whatever your symptoms are don’t neglect the discomfort. Come and meet the team at the Chiropractic Wellness Centre and see if we can help you. After a comprehensive examination and diagnosis we will talk through a suitable treatment plan with you and begin treatment if you are happy to do so.