Your First Visit

From the moment you step into the practice, you will be made to feel welcome and at home by our friendly staff. We will ask you to complete some standard forms and talk you through any areas you do not understand or need help with.

You will have a discussion with one of our chiropractors and talk through your problem. After that the chiropractor will have a good idea of what’s going on. He will then do a full examination which includes weight distribution and balance, range of motion, neurological screen and orthonormal tests.


If the chiropractor decides an X-Ray is required, it will either be to confirm a diagnosis or to rule out red flags (i.e. conditions which require further investigation or referral). The Chiropractor cannot perform an X-Ray without a good reason, he, like any other profession involved with radiography, is bound by strict rules in the use of diagnostic imaging.

We then do three scans as listed below:

ThermoVision: Thermography Unit

Used to assess Blood flow in the region and indicates areas where there is metabolic activity like inflammation, repair and remodelling.

ScanVision: Adaptive Static Scanning sEMG

Used to objectively assess muscle tone and tightness. We are also able to see areas of weakness.

Digital Postural Examination

This performs a detailed digital analysis of your posture, showing your spinal alignment and how it relates to normal or ideal.

Once the examination is over we will organise a second appointment for you to come back and discuss the results.

Your Second Visit

On your second visit to the practice we will thoroughly discuss the results of the examination and go through the proposed treatment plan step by step. Our chiropractors will answer any questions or queries you may have about the treatments. If you are happy to proceed with the treatment plan we will begin adjusting on this visit. After your first adjustment the team will organise a suitable date for you to visit for the next step in your personalised treatment plan.