Chiropractic and wellbeing

Chiropractic is not only about the healing of physical aches and pains, but also returning the body and mind to a natural state of optimum health. Involving the whole body and mind in the healing process promotes wellness in day to day life and the health benefits that come with it.

True health and wellbeing is about how well your central nervous system functions and in turn the way your body works. Chiropractic is based on the philosophy that in order for your body to function normally, information must be able to travel between the central nervous system and the rest of the body without being interrupted.

If spinal misalignment blocks or restricts the path of the central nervous system, the effects can include joint pain, muscle pain and headaches. Misalignment can also manifest itself in ways your wouldn’t think to associate with the health of your spine, such as low energy levels, poor immune response and lack of sleep.

At the Chiropractic Wellness centre we strive to help you achieve a high level of wellbeing and health, both physically and emotionally. Our experienced chiropractors will take care of your spine and in turn the effectiveness of your central nervous system to transfer information around the body.

Feeling Better

Feeling better has a number  of components. On the one hand, if you are in pain and there there is less pain, then naturally you’ll feel better. On the other hand, if your body is dysfunctional and, as a result of care, begins to function better then less resources (Blood, Cellular activity, neurotransmitters, inflammation and healing processes) are required for regular daily activities. These extra resources can then be used for living and loving life in a meaningful way.

That’s what we love to do  - Improve Function.


Stress is a normal part of life, without it life would be a boring place. However, overloading the body with stress can sometimes have a huge negative impact on your life and overall health. We are here to help increase your ability to cope with and accommodate the stress that everyday life presents.

Chiropractic Solution to Stress

Chiropractic care cannot eliminate stress from your life, but through realigning your spine we can help to bring about a healthy balance to your central nervous system and expression of life. This will increase your body’s capacity to accommodate stress. Spinal realignment also works to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and help your body to relax.

Here at the Chiropractic Wellness Centre our friendly and caring team are dedicated to helping you get back to optimal health and wellbeing.