Paediatric & Pregnancy

Back pain can interrupt the joy and excitement of preparing for a new baby for many women. Chiropractic care is a natural, safe and effective means of relieving such pain without having to take pain relief medication. At the Chiropractic Wellness Centre we have treated and helped many mums-to-be and are well prepared to provide you with a comfortable and stress free as possible pregnancy.

What causes back pain during pregnancy?

Back pain is caused by a wide variety of factors in pregnancy, normally it is closely linked to postural and hormonal changes. The mother’s body must constantly adapt to accommodate the growth of the baby which can place stressors on her body. Hormones released during pregnancy, mainly oestrogen and progesterone can cause ligament and joints to soften which makes them more susceptible to discomfort and injury.

How can chiropractic help with pregnancy?

There is a pregnancy specific technique which our chiropractors are trained in called the Webster’s Technique. We will work on your spine and pelvis during the pregnancy to promote correct alignment and balance. If the pelvis is misaligned, the ligaments that connect to and support the uterus can become twisted, this causes a condition called uterine constraint. We will help your body adapt to pregnancy with ease and grace by making sure that your pelvis and nervous system are correctly balanced, as well as giving advice on muscle relaxation techniques and the best positions for back support.

We consider chiropractic care to be an important aspect of your prenatal routine. As mother and baby grow together, chiropractic helps to release restrictions allowing both bodies to perform at there very best and readying the mother’s for bringing the new born into the world.


It is often hard to imagine that there could be anything wrong with such a beautiful thing as a new born baby. However, the birthing process is a traumatic, very physical event that can lead to life long problems (some of which may only start in their 30’s). Many of these problems can be resolved by having the baby checked and adjusted after birth by a chiropractor as soon after birth as possible.


Babies develop so rapidly that stress from the birth can cause a certain level of dysfunction. This may appear as, excessive crying, inability to feed well, vomiting, reflux, constipation, trapped wind and much more. Whilst a GP might prescribe medication to ease a lot of these symptoms, they are commonly caused by ineffective neural control of the digestive system. Chiropractic care can help address the cause of such dysfunction.

Gentle and safe techniques

With new born babies it is important to use only the gentlest techniques. Our delicate spinal and cranial adjustments improve the health of your baby’s spine, cranial system and nervous system, promoting optimal function.

At the Chiropractic Wellness Centre, we are dedicated to ensuring that your baby maintains optimum health throughout their development. By drawing on the best and most current scientific evidence, literature, our understanding of your baby’s problem and clinical experience we can treat your baby effectively.