Dr Andy goes to Durban

Dr Andy is going to Durban, South Africa to present a paper at the World Federation Of Chiropractors 2013 Conference (WFC). He will be away for 2 and half weeks and will be in discussion with Chiropractors from around the world. If you are wanting to book an appointment with him, he will be back after the 23rd April. Dr Moon will be taking care of his patients while he is away.

Here is a link to the WFC Website http://www.wfc.org/congress2013/ an organisation at the forefront of research into the effects and benefits of chiropractic care. Research which Dr Andy has always been very aware of using a lot of the techniques of the research method in his own practice and diagnostic approach.

I will be presenting on research methodologies which are so sorely needed when approaching a patient with the intention of reaching a diagnosis.” Dr Andy Evans



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